herbal beauty teas

grab a cup.
steep tea.

herbal beauty tea

peppermint | lemongrass | ginger root

herbal beauty tea

rooibos | fennel | gooseberry

herbal beauty tea

rosehip | lemon verbena | rhubarb

herbal beauty tea

apple pomace | hibiscus | black currant

heads up, muses. it’s time for a tea party. we know what you’re thinking… tea, seriously?

beauteani’s herbal beauty tea blends are packed with more than amazing taste…skin-loving ingredients designed to give serious beauty results — a killer glow, a “last night” eraser, major dewiness, a more youthful look + a healthy dose of what we’re calling youthing® (which is more a state of mind)…

they pair with matching peel-off masks so you get more bang for your downtime.

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tea-inspired, super-potent beauty.™

(it’s sorta our thing.)

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