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our inspiration…

when beauteani creator, arpeeta oberai, found herself wondering, “is this all there is?”, she did what any unstoppable woman would do…she set out to find her what’s next. she started with her roots, india – a place that’s always been her muse — and immersed herself in tea plantation culture and rituals. she discovered why tea has been a beauty powerhouse for more than 4,000 years… its skin-loving ingredients give serious beauty results.

a killer glow, a “last night” eraser, major dewiness or a more youthful look…tea has got your back. so why hasn’t anyone harnessed its power in a modern, relevant way that fuels the newly defined It Girl/Boy and their unstoppable AF lives? who knows? but now arpeeta is on it.


let’s break it down

super-potent beauty means 3 things to us…

we’re big-time multitaskers so we hit inner + outer beauty at the same time…
dual-powered delivery systems (ingestible + topical) that work together from the skin in + the inside out for even more amazing results.

using skin-loving ingredients…
high-quality ingredients (think teas, spices, fruits) specially curated from around the world to give you serious pay-off whether you’re masking, sipping or both.

to target specific beauty concerns…
high-quality formulas designed to help address the look of aging, stress, fatigue and fun (so you can keep being unstoppable).

okay, but what’s this
youthing® thing?

you know adulting, right? being a responsible, rules-abiding adult. if that’s you, that’s amazing. you do you.

but we’re also into youthing® — yes, it’s the you do you…on overdrive. it’s the idea that the more you actively make time to do you and to reset and reconnect, the more authentically you’re able to live the most unstoppable version of you.

experience youthing® to fuel your ageless spirit + look.

(so much sexier than anti-aging, huh?)


YOU are the new It Girl/Boy

unstoppable • iconic • vital

you’re relentless, you’re up to big, beautiful things, and you’re living your own version of a supercharged life.

you are the It Girl/Boy of your own world. and, yes, you’re unstoppable AF.

we want to fuel your best self, keep you recharged, rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit, and remind you that you’re killing it. because you are.

you need beauty that more than delivers on the basics. that’s why we created beauteani to address inner + outer beauty at the same time.

we’re talking super-potent beauty™ solutions (masks + teas) that can be used together to give you a bigger ROI on time + self-care.


check out our products…

Thirsty Yet?

our tea and masks work together so you get double the benefits of our powerful all-natural ingredients (think teas, spices, and fruits). Whether you mask, sip, or both, you’ll be able to brighten, hydrate, revitalize and youth your skin from the inside out. You’re a multitasker, right? So are we

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tea-inspired, super-potent beauty.™

(it’s sorta our thing.)

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