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founder note

after years spent working in the beauty industry, I was inspired to set out and start something of my own. In search of an answer  to my “what’s next?” question, I traveled to my roots, India — a place that’s always been my muse — and immersed myself in tea culture and rituals. I discovered why tea has been a beauty powerhouse for more than 4,000 years…its skin-loving ingredients — herbs, spices, fruits, flowers — deliver serious beauty results. 

believing in the super power of ancient herbal remedies as fuel for better skin and a brighter outlook, I wanted to bring that innate power to modern beauty routines. that’s how Beauteani was born : we create tea-inspired, super potent formulas  peel-off masks and herbal beauty teas — to address inner + outer beauty at the same time. we’re here to serve you super potent beauty — fuel to keep you recharged and rejuvenated for an ageless spirit + look.  

xo, Arpeeta Oberai    


let’s break this down...

super-potent beauty means three things to us…

hitting inner + outer beauty at the same time…                  (we’re big-time multitaskers).
our dual-powered delivery systems combine ingestible teas and topical masks to work together from the skin in + the inside out to provide a bigger ROI on time + self care. 

using ingredients your skin can’t get enough of…
our high-quality ingredients (teas, spices, fruits) are curated from around the world to give you serious pay-off whether you’re masking, sipping  or both.

delivering on targeted beauty concerns…
our supercharged formulas are designed to help address the appearance of aging, stress, fatigue and fun. so you can continue living your best life. we’ll take care of the rest. 

okay, so…what’s this youthing® thing?

we believe in preserving youth and vitality both in mindset + vigor.  to us, it’s about staying one step ahead of aging.  (so much sexier than anti-aging).

you’ve heard of adulting, right? being a responsible, pay-your-bills-on-time adult. is that you?                that’s great. we support it.

but we’re also bigtime advocates of youthing® :   the side of adulting we believe is just as important (and a little more fun).

youthing® is the idea that the more you actively make time to take care of yourself, reset and reconnect..the more authentically you’re able to live the best, most vibrant version of your life.

 youthing® fuel to ignite an ageless spirit + look. 


you’re.. unstoppable • iconic • vital
you’re relentless. you’re up to big, beautiful things, and you’re living your own version of a supercharged life.
you deserve beauty that delivers on more than the bare minimum.
you’re the reason we created Beauteani.
you’re it.

we’re here to give you the fuel to be your best self, keep you recharged, rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit, and remind you that you’re killing it. because you are. Beauteani is where you finally get to address your inner + outer beauty at the same time…and we make it easier than ever. we’re talking super-potent beauty™

thirsty yet?

we got you.

our tea and masks work together so you get double the benefits of our powerful all-natural ingredients (think teas, spices, and fruits). Whether you mask, sip, or both, you’ll be able to brighten, hydrate, revitalize and youth your skin from the inside out. you’re a multitasker, right? so are we.

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tea-inspired, super-potent beauty.™

(it’s sorta our thing.)

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