live your own version
of a supercharged life.


harnessing the power of ancient beauty elixirs to fuel modern vitality, we bring you a holistic twofold approach — inner (tea) + outer (mask) — to keep your mind, body and soul, recharged and rejuvenated so you can live an unstoppable life.     we call this youthing  (we live for it.)

we’re here to serve you
super potent beauty — fuel to ignite your best, most authentic self. because we believe nothing is more beautiful or powerful than you being you.


our herbal blends are carefully curated to provide rich flavors, delightful aromas and benefits that soak into your mind, body and soul. tea time, anyone?


our two-step modeling peel off masks deliver an at home spa experience. each packed with supercharged goodness, mixed right before application to preserve freshness and potency. masking mood, anyone?


live your own version of a supercharged life.
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tea-inspired, super-potent beauty.™

(it’s sorta our thing.)

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